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Welcome to Burke Law, a firm that provides legal services to businesses and families. Caitlin Burke, Esq. will assess liability in order to create business structures and estate plans to protect personal assets and prevent future litigation costs.

Whether it is a new or existing business, Caitlin Burke, Esq. can assist clients in selecting a corporate formation option or restructuring an existing formation to safeguard personal assets from business liabilities. In addition to business formation, Burke Law can assist clients in protecting their brand, intellectual property, and company goodwill.

Burke Law provides trust and estate planning services to clients to guarantee properties, businesses, assets, and valuables are distributed or dissolved according to the owner's wishes in case of incapacity or death. Child-guardian plans are recommended for parents of minor children to assure temporary and permanent guardians assume custody of children in case of emergency.

Caitlin Burke, Esq. is excited to create a law firm that is committed to sustainable practices, is paperless, and leverages technology to ensure efficiency and efficacy. Please subscribe to the Burke Law Blog and YouTube Channel to stay informed and become educated on Burke Law services!

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